Face To Face – June 10 2013

One of the most contentious TV shows today is Face to Face. This is a televised version of a barangay hall where two parties take their problems so they can reach a good solution. Each case is evaluated and assessed by the Tanods or peacekeeper group. Before the two parties are introduced into the show, Perez will interview the complainant first in front of the Sawsaweros and Sawsaweras – male and female studio audiences respectively. The audience is allowed to ask questions to the complainant. After the complainant who represents the white team is interviewed, the opposing red team or the respondent will be introduced next. Most of the time, real time confrontation occurs between the two opposing parties coupled usually with verbal argument or sometimes a fight scene. The show has Trio Tagapayo headed by Public Attorney’s Office Chief Persida Rueda-Acosta, Attorney Benedicto Acosta and Attorney Jon Philip Reyes who will give legal advice and tips to both complainant and respondent. Perez acts the mediator or peacemaker so that the two parties can resolve their issues. Before the conclusion of the show, the host (Perez) will share her final thoughts in the Amy-nan portion to the viewers and studio audience.

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