Juan Dela Cruz – June 14 2013

Coco Martin portrays Juan dela Cruz, the currently leading primetime television series in ABS-CBN. Juan fell in love with Rosario portrayed by Erich Gonzales. It tells the story of an unlikely hero, who is an orphan boy raised by a virtuous parish priest. The priest guided him into the right path and taught him about goodness and faith on the Lord Jesus Christ, whom Juan refers to as Bossing. However, Juan has an inherent temper that led the exaggeratedly proper townspeople to dislike him but the priest he considers as his father accepted him for who he is. One day, a thief killed the priest and Juan landed on Quiapo streets just as an ordinary, kind and simple yet tough young man. Juan doesn’t know that he was born half-aswang and the son of Haring Aswang. Considering this, Juan is also the prophesied Anak ng Dilim or the Son of Darkness. He was destined to govern his kind and take control of the human race. His mother is a Tagabantay or Guardian, who comes from a historic lineage of guardians who use the Bakal the Krus (Iron Cross) to eliminate Aswangs. How then will Juan fulfill his destiny as the next Tagabantay while fighting his second nature as Aswang – a creature he was supposed to destroy? Juan dela Cruz is the classic story of the fight between good and evil, which has long been the fight within us.

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