Kakambal Ni Eliana – June 12 2013

Kakambal ni Eliana is a story of a girl who had a snake attached on her back at birth. Whenever she feels extremely sad or angry, the snake wraps around her hand. Since birth, she had her life locked away in a basement until she found a way to escape. As she did, she vowed to find the truth about her life and family. Soon she started discovering new things and new people who will radically alter her life. Outside the basement she grew up in, she was able to meet new friends namely Gabo and Julian who eventually fell in love with her. While Gabo is a street-ass guy who accepts Eliana completely, Julian is a refined fashion photographer who got dazed by Eliana’s beauty but her snake twin remained unknown to him. Eliana also got to meet Margarita, her rival in love, a model and also Julian’s girlfriend.

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