Maria Mercedes – 13 December 2013

Follow the bittersweet story of Maria Mercedes as she faces life’s stuggles and experiences falling in love for the first time.
From a simple life in the province, Mercedes, together with her father and siblings, will move to Manila to move on from the pain caused by her mother. But things wouldn’t go as planned when her father suddenly dies and Mercedes is left with no choice but to take on the responsibility of raising her younger brother and sister at a very young age.
As time passes, Mercedes learns her way living in the metro and is able to provide for her siblings Rosario and Andres by juggling different but decent jobs alongside her childhood friend Clavio.
But her world will take a different turn once her heart starts to beat for the handsome and rich businessman Luis Sancuevas. How will Mercedes deal with her feelings for Luis? Who will go against their budding love? How will fate turn things around as Santiago enters Mercedes’ life?

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