Mundo Mo’y Akin – August 23 2013

GMA’s drama series Mundo Mo’y Akin is the story that tells about the two lives of Rodora and Perlita – who are childhood best friends. Both of them have always faced the incessant ridicule and teasing secondary to their ugly physical attributes. Perlita accepted the criticisms graciously and became contented with her life but Rodora on the other hand thought there is neither hope nor future for significantly ugly people like them. Rodora, equipped with pure determination, decided to work under Dona Carmen – a wealthy but abusive old woman. When the old woman died from heart attack, Rodora claimed her wealth and used to undergo cosmetic surgery in the hope of having a new face. She left everything in the past where it belongs and changed her identity into Giselle. On another part of the story, Perlita moves on living the same life and is willing to give her love to any man who can accept her completely as she is despite her physical shortcoming. This very thought led her to a foreign guy whom she trusts and she believed he truly loved her. Unfortunately, one night the same guy dumped her and took all her money. She was left with no other option but to accept what happened and move on to work as a maid in the Carbonels’ mansion. Perlita crossed paths again with Rodora in the mansion but Giselle, formerly Rodora, is currently the wife of Ziggy, son of Dona Charito. The latter is the female head of Carbonel’s Barong. Unbeknownst to Perlita, however, is that the beautiful wife of her employer is none other than her best friend Rodora. Later on, both Perlita and Giselle got pregnant simultaneously but Giselle got anxious and worried that her child will have the same ugly features like her. She got afraid that it will embarrass Ziggy’s family, which will lead to the revelation of her real identity.

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